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Course Feedback

  • “My expectations were surpassed!”

  • “The course was done very well, I enjoyed it very much, I would do it again next year!”

  • “The field trips were very helpful and informative. Great to practice surveys and learn from the best. Also the live specimens from scales were great, it was very helpful for identification.”

  • “The instructors were very approachable, and I got to talk one-on-one with many of them.”

  • “I loved this course. Instructors were incredibly competent and approachable. Location was amazing. I still can’t believe we saw and handled all those amazing herps. Other participants were really great to hang with.”

  • “The hands-on field survey aspects were very informative and a great way to learn new skills.”

  • “Thank you to all the course organizers, we had a great time.”

  • “I really liked the opportunity to discuss topics with the instructors during the course. The field outings were great – we got to see herps in the wild and up close. I also really liked that we had a chance to learn how to hold reptiles and amphibians correctly.”

  • “Lots of enthusiasm which was infectious and very knowledgeable staff.”

  • “Beausoleil Island was amazing! can’t believe how many reptiles and amphibians we got to see there! absolutely incredible!!!”

  • “Mix-up of presentations and field work – kept us fresh”

  • “I thought the course was an excellent learning opportunity. Because so much of the information was new to me, I almost feel I could do the course again. The location was great – to be able to see so many different amphibian and reptile species in one spot was amazing.”

  • “I thought the instructors were very passionate about the subject which made it fun to learn”

  • “The field component of the course was excellent. Seeing and assessing different habitats first hand really facilitated the learning process.”

  • “Being able to hold several species that I have only ever seen in pictures was awesome. Excellent handouts/books/resources. Such knowledgeable and passionate instructors.”

  • “Overall, a really great course! The instructors were very informative and their willingness to share their knowledge was appreciated. I will definitely recommend this course!”

  • “Field trips were amazing!!!”

  • “Your workshop was fantastic. I enjoyed all aspects. Location is great. Your mix of classroom and field was well done. Thanks for a great experience.”

  • “I have more knowledge now to improve my skills and share knowledge. Would love to do it again.”

  • “Fantastic course, all instructors extremely knowledgeable, helpful and good teachers. Thanks so much!!!”

  • “The workshop was packed full of useful information and practical field survey techniques. Course was perfect length. The instructors were incredibly knowledgeable and very good at delivering course materials… Thanks so much for putting this together. Excellent in every aspect!”

  • “I was very happy with this workshop! It was well worth the money and I was very impressed by the amount of instructors here to teach and answer questions. I am sure I will be singing your praises for years to come.”

  • “Fantastic – I can’t think of anything to improve!”

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