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Be part of a social enterprise that supports industry, government, and NGOs in planning and creating sustainable communities.

About Blazing Star Environmental

We are a small and growing social enterprise. Our core values are to take part in creating a sustainable society where we live in balance with our fellow animals and plants. We support conservation organizations, governments and corporations that share this goal. Our primary focus is on plants and animals, but we partner with many other organizations to offer full-service solutions to your needs.


Working with us, you will feel empowered to make a difference, supported by your work family, and challenged to learn and develop new skills to further your career.

Employment Equity

Blazing Star Environmental is committed to being an inclusive, equitable employer. We welcome all humans to our team and make every effort to identify and remove barriers to their success.

Current Job Postings

Below are some of the job positions we have open with us at Blazing Star. You can apply for one of these positions by simply clicking on the "Apply Here" button and sending us your info. You can also open or download the PDF for each position to get a better idea of the job description, benefits, term of employment and salary expectations.

Thank you for your interest in joining our team!

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