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Project Overview


Durham Region and Northumberland County are growing at a rapid pace as the Greater Toronto Area expands, particularly in its southern reaches. Fortunately, a considerable amount of relatively connected natural habitat exists in the area. This same area is an obvious data gap for reptile and amphibian species at risk (SAR). Blazing Star Environmental is teaming up with other local conservation groups to find and protect any undiscovered populations of reptiles and amphibians before it is too late!

Target Species

We are hard at work searching for new populations of the following rare species:

  • Western Chorus Frog   

  • Blanding’s Turtle

  • Eastern Musk Turtle

  • Northern Map Turtle

  • Eastern Ribbonsnake

  • Eastern Hog-nosed Snake

  • Milksnake

Report Your Sightings!

Have you ever seen or heard any of these rare reptile or amphibian species? Share your observations
(recent and historic) to help us locate undiscovered populations. The date, species and location are the
most important pieces of information, here are the ways to report your findings:

Email your report to:
Text or call: 289 927 2964
Use the ‘Ontario Reptile and Amphibian Atlas App’ Download the app for free from the app store.

Are you interested in helping with field surveys, 
email, call or text us to sign up! Spread the word, tell your friends and family about this project!


We would like to acknowledge the following local conservation groups for their support:

  • Central Lake Ontario Conservation Authority

  • Ganaraska Region Conservation Authority

  • Kamstra Ecostudies

  • Kawartha Region Conservation Authority

  • Lone Pine Land Trust

  • North Durham Nature Club

  • Northumberland Land Trust

  • Oak Ridges Moraine Land Trust

  • Ontario Nature

  • Toronto Region Conservation Authority

  • Willow Beach Field Naturalists

This project is funded by the Habitat Stewardship Program.


Priority Survey Areas

Interested in helping us find target species? Head to the priority survey areas for the best shot at success.
All priority squares have suitable habitat and/or nearby records.

Western Chorus Frog

Blanding’s Turtle

Eastern Musk Turtle

Northern Map Turtle

Eastern Ribbonsnake

Eastern Hog-nosed Snake


Blanding's Turtle  small.jpg
Milksnake -Crowley.jpg
Eastern Musk Turtle -Crowley.JPG
Crowley Eastern Hog-nosed Snake 5.JPG

For each discovered SAR population:

  • Important habitat will be located (e.g. breeding, overwintering, etc.)

  • Threats to survival will be identified

  • Beneficial stewardship activities will be recommended

  • Results will be shared with landowners, municipalities, conservation authorities, land trusts and other interested people and organizations

  • We hope that some organizations and landowners will implement these recommendations
    to help protect the target species and their habitats!

Benefits To Reptile & Amphibians

Eastern hog-nosed snake - Kenny Ruelland
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